Bag Essentials

I took an extended weekend with one of my best girl friends to the beach. It was well-deserved, and I needed it. We were staying at my university apartment, so the drive to the actual beach was about 20 minutes. I came up with the idea for this post because we tried to sleep at the beach but we did not exactly plan ahead… yet we had all the essentials. It is second nature to a girl I swear, so I decided to share my insight on what to pack just in case you may stay somewhere else.

We used our beach bags and added these essentials:

A different bikini
New pair of undies
Another bra
A day outfit
A night outfit
Hair refreshers/products
Makeup (but especially lip gloss)
Bobby pins
Hair ties
Another pair of shoes
A pair of heels

We learned our lesson after the first day, when my flip flops got stolen and I didn’t have another flat pair of shoes. Luckily the bar we were at is an outdoor bar where you wear bikinis and can go shoeless (Seacrets, Ocean City, MD). Although, the next morning I was missing a pair of shoes and we had to drive all the way back to my apartment to get a new pair. We also learned that deodorant is always important to pack, we had to use men’s deodorant the day after we slept at the beach so we wouldn’t smell. Having new outfits is always a good idea because you never know if you’re staying or not, and it’s to be on the safe side. Luckily we had packed new outfits, and a night outfit for when we went out to the bars at night. Bobby pins are life savers! Never forget this. For the beach, your bangs may need to be pinned back, and they also make for the cutest hair styles. (I’m a fan of small poofs).

Anyway, those are my essentials for when you don’t know if you’ll get stranded or not. It is so important to be safe.