Change of Blog: Shopaholic Blog.

I had started this blog at the beginning of summer to review products, but I just got bored at the office about doing so. Now, I am starting a blog I should have started a long time ago: Shopaholic Blog. This is something I knew I had to start, because this summer has really put me over the edge. For a year or two now I have been actually addicted to shopping. I love the thrill of it, the way it feels to shop and the way it feels to have new things. I always have. It just got out of control these past two years. With one last semester of college left, and loans waiting to be paid when I graduate, I really need to turn things around. I do have a job, and I will still have the job when I graduate… I just need to budget and not shop. I want to start slowly. I want to go a month without useless retail shopping. Tomorrow is day one. I say tomorrow because about half an hour ago I spent $150 online at Victorias Secret. This is what ultimately set me over the edge when I felt sick to my stomach after placing my order. I was just at a  mall in DE last night with my friend and I spent over a hundred there too. It’s an issue, and I need to do something about it before it truly spirals my life out of control.
So tomorrow, Friday, August 24 2012 I am beginning the end of my shopping addiction. I will go 30 days without spending money on clothes, and anything I do not need (this includes trinkets for my apartment/anything of etsy) I will steer clear of all malls and stores, and if I am unable to because of a request of a friend I will not shop for myself. At the end of the 30 days I will allow myself to be ONE item, no more, to allow myself a gift. After that, I will go 60 days without shopping, reward myself with one item, and then 90 days and so forth. I am weening myself off shopping because I have enough of everything. I really do. I will get over this, it seems simple and stupid… but it’s needed.



A Shopping Addict.


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